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These songs are samples from Total Shutdown "The Album"

Instrumental 1
Ka Ka Ka
Grey Clouds
Instrumental 2
Golden Nail
Let's Get Weird
Moment of silence for Princess Diana
Instrumental 3

This song is from our one sided Lp "Reflections".

  • Top Gun 666k?

  • Photographs

    Here are some new photographs taken by David Gregory from our show at Kimo's on Feb. 22nd 2002.

    Photo 6
    Photo 8
    Photo 9
    Photo 1
    Photo 2
    Photo 3
    Photo 4
    Photo 5
    Photo 11
    Photo 12
    Photo 7
    Photo 10

    Here are some links to some live photographs taken of us by Virgil Porter

    Kimo's in San Francisco on 12/10/01

    11-28-2001 Gilman St. in Berkeley.

    Kimo's, July 8th, 2001

    Another shot by Virgil

    Taken by JAson McGill on KALX Radio

    The Following were taken by Ben Clark at Scolari's Office in San Diego on Sept 1st 2001.

    Picture One

    Picture Two

    Picture Three

    Picture Four

    Picture Five

    Picture Six

    Picture Seven

    Picture Eight