Murder Murder has included:
  • Paul Costuros (alto sax / clarinet / trombone / vocals / drum machine / keyboard / fx / electronic tabla)
  • Bob Linder (trumpet / keyboard / vocals / drum machine / fx / record player)
  • Ceci Moss (keyboard vocals)
  • Mike Shoun (drums)
  • George Chen (drums)
  • Marshall Trammell (drums / pocket trumpet)
  • Matt Hartman (bass-clarinet / alto sax / vocals / fx / drums)
  • Oran Canfield (drums)
  • Nate Denver (vocals)
  • Liz Allbee (Trumpet / vocals / fx)
  • Ches Smith (Drums)
  • Kim West (dance / alto sax / flute)
  • Mark Gergis (dance / horns)
  • Rose (vocals / drums / piano)
  • Pete Nguyen (drums)
  • Steve Touchton (action painter)
  • Chris Touchton (action painter)
  • Mike Green (poetry)
  • Noel Von Harmonson (drums / echoplex / fx / sax)
  • Eric Bauer (keyboards)
  • Weasel Walter (drums / Taint / sax)
  • Greg Saunier (drums)
  • Chris Dixon (drums/poetry)
  • Randy Lee Sutherland (drums, alto sax)
  • Daron Key (violin)
  • Matt Valla(trumpet)
  • Abbey Kerins(trumpet/flute)
  • Jenny Hoysten(trumpet)
  • Sharon Cheslow(electronics / fx)
  • Mochipet aka Dave Wang(electronics / fx / drum machine)
  • Will York(action painter)
  • John Wiese(electronics)
  • Melissa Frost(theremin / fx)
  • Nandor Nevai(drums)
  • Jason McGill(alto sax)
  • Luke Calzonetti(keyboards)
  • Cactus(electronics)
  • Elvis(drums)
  • Adam Stonehouse(drums)
  • Ryan Jenks(electronics)
  • Jake Rodriguez(electronics)
  • Marcy Suade(cello)
  • Spencer Yeh(violin)

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    Friday August 25 9:30 pm (doors at 8:30) $8 (all ages)

    7 Year Rabbit Cycle
    Murder Murder
    David Copperfuck

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    Special Lord Records has announced that they will be releasing 5 Murder Murder live recordings on limited edition CDR's. The first release "Blood Face" is now available.

    Purchase a video that includes two Murder Murder performances (1/14/02, 4/8/02) and a Lo-Fi Neisans performance (1/9/03) from Sabrina Records. Limited to 100 copies.

    The Folding Cassettes Murder Murder tape "Extensions" is out of print. Please feel free to ask them to repress it, especially since I don't own a copy myself.

    Picture from our last show at Kimo's July 27th 2002!

    Pictures from Kimo's 05-26-2002!!!!
    Picture 1   Picture 1   Picture 1

    Our favorite band: The Reflections Trio

    Pictures from the Stork Club 04-05-2002!!!!
    Picture 1     Picture 2     Picture 3     Picture 4     Picture 5    

    Pictures from the Bottom of the Hill 04-09-2002!!!!
    Picture 1     Picture 2     Picture 5    
    "Extensions" is out of print, contact Folding Cassettes for reissue info.

    Mike McGuirk, SF Bay Guardian March 5, 2003
    When Hair Police came through last year, with Neon Hunk and Mammal, they played at Kimo's with Murder Murder. It was a highly anticipated evening, we'd all been hearing about this totally cool Midwest scene for months. Neon Hunk played their fluorescent disco noise not bad. Mammal were just pulverizing with this sweaty groove laptop stuff, and then Hair Police played and really went to town. In a room full of strangers, the band acted like they were at a house party in their hometown jumping around and into the crowd, squirming on the floor, breaking their instruments. I remember thinking, damn, these kids are way crazier than any S.F. band; they're making us look bad. Murder Murder came out and fully represented. They acted like it was a contest for who could outspazz whom. Costuros, on saxophone, was leaping from a spot in the audience, like 10 feet through the air and onto a table on the stage that had a keyboard on it. He pulled out a giant plastic knife and attacked the audience, as well as members of his own band. The other saxophonist, Matt Hartman, ended up with his face pressed into the cone of his amplifier, screaming. It was a proud moment, a confirmation that when it comes to completely stupid, inane behavior and alcohol-inspired moments of bad judgment, our little scene here in San Francisco can kick any city's ass. -

    -Transbay Creative Music Calendar Oct 2002 4
    8/29/03 Edinburgh Castle - Tarantism, Murder Murder, Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinett

    Walk in, (guess it's free, no one is taking $$) someone says "welcome to the sauna" - shit is really hot... ...taking way too much time to setup (two beers-worth) next is Murder Murder, which includes Liz Albee [trum- pet], Marshall Trammell [drums], Zeek Sheck [screams], the drummer from Total Shutdown, and a few other amplified reeds and guitars and synths and things. Their set is a full-on free-noise-improv for fifteen minutes. About half of them take off their costumes [face masks] during this time. Theyre makin fun of both the free-jazz and the noise scenes pretty hilarious. Go down stairs to cool off and get another beer. Hey, its Ernesto and a bunch of other people from the 509 Cultural Center audience! Invite them upstairs [only a few come and none stay].

    Lo-Fi Neisans /Murder Murder/Crack live: live 4/8/2 at Bottom of the Hill
    Great show. Crack was brilliantly absurd. Two gals dead-pan rapping on top of harsh, white noise keyboard scree. Very entertaining. Murder Murder are an East Bay Total Shutdown-offshoot, playing death jazz, with 2 drummers and 2 sax players. Brutal and awesome noise. Lo-Fi Neisans are a Japanese combo who have moved to SF. Completely ridiculous, in the best sense. They are essentially taiko kettle drum, bass, and a lot of contact-mic'd toys being tossed about, while the dada vocals are administered. Outlandish costumes, choregraphed dances, and pantomimes had the audience in stitches. One of the best party bands I have ever seen. A very strange and fun evening. (Cactus) KUSF

    SF Bay Guardian Dec. 4 Wednesday
    Kill crazy Brace yourself for a "really loud, grating, and annoying" good time, according to Paul Costuros, alto sax player, keyboardist, and vocalist for Bay Area improv-noise outfit Murder Murder. Costuros is shrouding the show in secrecy, but he can say the rotating lineup of the usual improv suspects and other interested parties (one early show featured Bay Guardian columnist George Chen on drums) will include Costuros's fellow Total Shutdown horn player, Matt Hartman; two drummers, Marshall Trammell and Ches Smith (formerly of Mr. Bungle); and trumpet player Liz Allbee. Come prepared for a fun-filled, activity-fraught 15 minutes and what better way to ring in the holidays than with a nice dose of tinnitus? and probably performance-art-style stunts. Burmese also play. 10 p.m., Hemlock Tavern, 1131 Polk, S.F. $5. (415) 923-0923. (Kimberly Chun)

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