Total Shutdown Poems


If life is just a bowl of cherries
what am I doing with the shits.
son of a bitch.
I'm a cop killer. stare me down.
I kill cops.
inducted into the hall of fame tonight.
tonight's the night.
total shutdown.
last ones standing
total shutdown.
bowl of cherries

enter Raymond.
the tragedy of an american wizard.
wasn't wiz kids enough?
stooge ass.


do the son of a bitch.
do the android!!! you son of a bitch.
do the electronic computer.
you stupid jerk.
download the woods, murder style
dupa dupa murder.
I got an animated gif inside my brain and its made me insane.
meltdown. meltdown. meltdown. funkytown. son of a bitch.


murder bill clinton.
tonight at six.
murder bill clinton.
tonight at seven.
murder him tonight.
send him to heaven.
murder time.
send the check, send the cake, killing time.
smash his face with a rake.
enter Raymond.
modern lover.
give him some time to make the cake.
computer jack.
heartattack face.
together we will murder the president


we want revenge for the murder of our family.
total annihilation.
total shit.
totalitarian funk house.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
meltdown generation
greasy foreheads.
greasy eyes.
give 'em the runaround motherfucker.
off the pigs you fuckin' pig, (repeat).
repeat after me:
sweatdown. shit town


we sill survive.
we will get by.
we will,
we will,
Jerry Seinfeld.
always and forever.
too hot for t.v.
everyone get up and do the clever walk.
busy bee.
nobody shits for free.
curb the shit head, seattle style.
we've been redeemed.
by the blood of the goat.
we will die.
we will shutdown.

This is the sound of our soul.
beep. beep. dash.
total shutdown,
ready to die.
Quote, "the devil came to dinner last night
and left us with the evilest riddle."
WIFEY - Judy Blume.
bring in the children.
bring in the wise old man.
This much is true.

Monsters are real.
Ode to Raymond,
American icon!
living legend.
Old myth's legends of the ancient ways.
the very last unicorn stuck to a tree.
arrogant shitface.
die in shame.
we'll die laughing you son of a bitch.
die monster.
die forever.

ma -
chanical boy.
I am a mechanical boy.
read my lips.
a modern penny, golden and free.

Ride the serpent.
seed of vengeance.
enter the sea wolf,
bonafide crap addict.
moment of silence
1999 - 1999
Raymond be talkin' more shit.
enough for the rest of everything.
Mr. and Mrs. Crapaddict.
Enter Piranha - deathtrap
terror train.

blank blank blank blank
caucasian fire
burn down the fuckin' school
fire and desire.
mythical beast wild and free
murder the magic apes.
Koko. Koko.
Supreme unity.
Koko warrior rebel yell
rebel love forever and ever.
Koko's kitten, the devils cub.
magic horns murder the cops.
burn pig burn.
fire and desire.
Koko lives.

Fed up. Fed down. 1) Gettin' down.
2) Gettin' down.
3) Gettin' down.
4) Gettin' down.
5) Gettin' down.
6) Gettin' down.
7) Gettin' down.
8) Gettin' down.
9) Gettin' down.
10) Gettin' down.
11) Gettin' down.
12) Gettin' down.
13) Gettin' down.
14) Gettin' down.

Fed up.

You will die in the revolution, sorry Mom.
Enter the leader
Col. Raymond.
Mr. De La Croix.
Mr. Raymond - American hero.
Rest in peace Mr. Jerry Garcia.
word processor.
malicious devils
eating eating.
eating my cake.
the cake of revolutionary suicide
rock and roll will never die

here are song lyrics, fuck work bro!


Break break break break break break break break
Your ribs and say
I cannot work now, I do not know how
You're not my god stop bossing me
Make a shovel an axe make a broom a spear
Our victory is drawing near
You warred on nations, tore abrasions,
Ripped our eyes but we still see.

Mutiny god's killing me
I can't escape I can't escape.
Our battle cry, kill lords on high
You killed us once but now you die!
Kill the angels
Kill the angels
Kill the angels
Devils dead

Break break break break break break break break
Heaven's gates
They bring you in
Make you sing
Rib out our organs
And slug your chin.

God please help me
God don't kill me
Lord you will die
Lord god your time has come

Break break break break break break break break
Heaven's gate
Don't ever cry, live or die.
Kill the angels
Kill the angels
Kill the angels
Kill the angels
Kill the angels
Kill the angels
Kill the angels
Devils dead.


Calvin and Hobbs
Was a great comic
And so was the one
About pirates.


Drop to bloody knees
Father in heaven please
Strike my fists with lightning
So I may commence fighting
Angels that ripped my eyes
And filled my head with lies.
Like love god and you'll find joy
But it only brings a life of pain.

Slaughter Neck

Rhino beast buckets!
Grind skulls
Compress the powder
That is what aspirin is!

Lake of fire
Lake of fire
Now we're bound to the
Lake of fire
Walk to Pandemonium
Plot human destruction, turn into snakes,
And snap at apples that are merely ash.

Crushed skulls for ripped wings!

Top Gun

We have to find more weapons
So we can storm the kingdom
So we can crush the guards
So we can kill the king!

Broken stairs inside
Arrows through their eyes
Laughing devils dance
We wear armored pants

They are taking our lives
Doubt, doubt, doubt
Instill hell in heart
We will break your back
Crushed skulls for ripped wings


My friends are clowns, girls boys.
whistles trumpets, my ears are bleeding
balloons are for the weak.
Thanks for remembering my name.
Cymbals Ring. Cymbals Ring!
My hands are hurting,
So think of december and forget the pain.
You look nice standing in line.


Translate this: BA BA BA AH AH BA


Mr. Smith, You scared the shit out of me.


Silver Buttons. Four is a good number.
The screen hurts my eyes, ergonomic
space heater. Turning the knob on my
computer, my boss is a fucking robot.


off the pigs you fuckin pig, (repeat).
repeat after me:
sweatdown. shit town
1 2 3 4 5555 6
1 2 3 4 55555
1 2 3 4 55555 6
1 2 3 4 55556
1 2 3 4 55 555 5
a storm couldn't keep me away


we sill survive.
we will get by.
we will,
we will,

fighting witches

I wonder how winter will be
with a spring that I shall never see.
I wonder how night will be
with a day I shall never see.
I wonder how life will be
with a light that I shall never see.
Never see.
Never see.
Oh, I got a job.


Take back the language.
from ceiling above cameras focused,
keeping angels eyes on us.
The purr of cameras recording
our lack of movement grew so
familiar as that of a loving pet,
so long as you removed yourself
from lensview.
disconnect the wires.