Upcoming Shows!!!

We are playing a show with FLIPPER!

Saturday June 10th 2006

Total Shutdown
So so many white white tigers

In SF at the Elbo Room 9pm. Get tickets!

3) We are playing at the End Times II Festival in St. Paul MN. Also playing are Bordoms, Borbetomagus, Flying Luttenbachers, Burning Star Core, Death Sentence: PAnda!, Murder Murder, Nate Denver's Neck, Magic MArkers, Oxbow, xbxrx, Smegma, d.yellow Swans, and a ton more. June 23rd, 24th, 25th! All details and tickets here: End Times II Festival


Monday June 27th 2005

Load Records proudly presents:

TOTAL SHUTDOWN (release of our new Live album on Ecstatic Yod will be available!!!)
COUGHS (chicago)
WHITE MICE (providence)
OCTIS (608C)

12 GALAXIES (on mission street between 22nd and 21st)
9PM $7

2005 Shows

February 11th 2005

Total Shutdown
Feather Gong

Perform a live performance, performing at the Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, California, United States, 10pm.

April 2nd 2005
Lobot Gallery, Oakland with:
Gold Chains
Total Shutdown
Eats Tapes
$8, All Ages, show time.

April 9th, 2005
Elbo Room, San Francisco with:
Total Shutdown
No Doctors
Coolies (New Zealand!)
Vice Cooler & Miya

2004 Shows

July 10th 2004

  • Buckethead
  • Total Shutdown

    At the Knitting Factory in LA. $13 in the big room. ???

    2003 Shows

    Wed. Feb. 12th 2003 at Edinburgh Castle 9pm.


    Total Shutdown
    Curse of the Birthmark
    Leavenworth Sound System

    This show is only 3 bucks.

    Thursday Feb 27th 2003 9:30pm 21+ $5

    Total Shutdown
    the sun

    Li Po Lounge 916 Grant Ave at Washington in Chinatown

    Tuesday April 14rd 2003

    Total Shutdown
    Vaccum Tree Head

    Bottom of the Hill
    eighteen and over, I think it's $6 or $7.

    August 30th 2003

    Kid 606
    DJ Rupture
    Total Shutdown

    Bottom of the Hill

    October 11th Saturday
    Club Verdi
    2424 Mariposa (between Potero Ave. and Bryant) San Francisco


    Lightning Bolt
    Total Shutdown
    Noxagt (Norway)
    USA is a Monster
    Japanese Kareoke Afterlife Experiment

    w/ DJ Megaweapon, DJ ABBY and DJ Le Kim

    $7 ALL AGES! 9PM

    December 6th Saturday
    at New, Improved Recording, studio warming party 6:30-10pm FREE

    Dynasty (cancelled
    Total Shutdown

    Join us for an early perfromance at the opening of this new Oakland Recording studio co-run and owned by Eli Crews (Formerly of Spezza Rotto, Optimist International and the man who recorded Total Shutdown's first studio record, Reflections).

    2002 Shows

    January 26th, Saturday night, at The Smell in Los Angeles with The Flying Luttenbachers, Burmese (who had to cancel) and Pleasurasourus or whatever, the same band we played with in Seattle a year ago. Paul's Mom and step Dad shows up and managed to hold a smile throughout.

    January 29th, Tuesday night at the Stork Club in Oakland with the Flying Luttenbachers and Burmese. Fantastic show, and we were all treated with Nandor drinking a Zima spice and trying to punch out Dwyer who responded by resting his butt cheaks on Nandors head. Fights ensue.

    February 10th at Bottom of the Hill. Our Record Release party with Pink and Brown (also their record release), The Lowdown, Yellow Swans (Gabe from Boxleitner's new band), and Nice Nice (portland). This is an early show, Bar-BQ style, so show up at 4pm, and bands start at 5:30pm. This show was historical in that Chris Dixon of Hot Fuckin Jets and NAM proceeded to crowd surf six thousand and eighty nine times.

    Feb 22nd at Kimo's with Ludicra, Akimbo (WA), and Walken. 21+ $5 9:30pm. See Pictures!

    May 22th 2002 Wednesday night -- Bottom of the Hill

  • The Locust
  • Total Shutdown
  • Orthrelm (Members of Crom-Tech, TMU)

    Record release show for the new Life Is Abuse 7" EP!
    ALL AGES!!! $8 9pm

    June 29th Two shows to choose from:
  • Nate Denver's Neck and Young People at the Hemlock (Polk and Post in SF).
  • Gold Chains, Numbers, Growing, Panama, Murder Murder at Gina and Eamon's (1947 Mission st)

    June 30th
    Total Shutdown, Growing, Panama, NAM at Club Galia, this is a Sunday and the Show starts really early at 7pm sharp, cause we have to be out of there by 11pm. $5 21+

    July 7th
    Pete the Genius, Growing, Panama at Kimo's 9pm, $5.

    Thursday August 8th at 8pm at Kimo's.

    Total Shutdown
    Friends Forever (CO)
    Canaries Kept Quiet Kill
    Nervous and the Kid (PDX)

    This show starts early at 8pm and should be over in time for everyone to run over and see Caroliner down the street. All 4 bands play about 15 min.


    Updates were made on the tour dates below!

  • 19th, LA at the Smell 'experimental punk' music showcase showdown. w/ John Wiese (bastard noise, sissy spacek) and Koh, Canaries Kept Quiet Kill, Rose For Bohdan, Books on Tape, The New Collapse, Child Pornography, . This show will be with Total Shutdown.More Info.
  • 20th, Tucson AZ, NO SHOW cancelled
  • 21st, Austin TX, at Emo's, benefit for Lance Hahn- NDN, PTG.
  • 22nd, New Orleans, at Dixie - NDN, PTG, w/ Kojak, The Black Sun, and Rat in a Bucket. 3340 Canal St.
  • 23rd, Springwater in Nashville TN - NDN, PTG, witout mother fuckin order!.
  • 24th, drove.
  • 25th, arrived in NYC!
    From here on out, all dates are with Total Shutdown
  • 26th, Brooklyn, the mckibbin artdorms Rooftop w/ Sightings, Jesus With Me, Total Shutdown, Tunnel Of Love, Barnacled, and Us Vs. Them. and Friends Forever.
  • 27th, Mass. at Hampshire College Tavern 893 West St. w/ Thurston Moore trio and Barnacled
  • 28th, Providence RI, at The Candle Factory w/ Friends Forever, Barnacled, Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment, Parts and Labor (brooklyn), and Knifestorm (NY).
  • 29th, Above the Right Bank Bar in Brooklyn w/ Japanther and Cheeseburger
  • 30th, New Haven, Conn, 8pm at house show with !!! and maybe Friends Forever
  • 31st, Total Shutdown takes a day off and Pete's other band eE plays a CMJ showcase. Paul and Nate are to perform at the Piano Factory but it was overbooked an lame so we didn't. Later that night Paul plays sax with Gold Chains.

  • 1st, Allentown, PA at the Pirate's Cove w/ Torchbearer, Megadeath cover band and Minor Threat cover band.
  • 2nd, Detroit Art Space (101 E. Baltimore) with Mammel and 25 Suaves
  • 3rd, Chicago, at Fireside Bowl, all ages w/ TODAY IS THE DAY, BONGZILLA, ALL THAT REMAINS.
  • 4th st-paul mn at Big V's, w/ Nate Denver's Neck, black stool and Ashcroft. (We had to cancel cause Pete hurt his wrist, Ashcroft canceled cause Matt broke his nose, and Black Stool cancelled cause the guy broke his finger. Nate Denver saved the day by playing to near empty bar.
  • 5th Lincoln NE, at house , 1545 S. 13th Street. coner of 13th and Garfield.
  • 6th, Denver CO at Monkey Mania w/ Zombie Zombie.
  • 7th, Salt Lake City UT, at Monks House of Jazz (whew!) 19 East 200 South, w/ Smashy Smashy.
  • 8th, Portland, OR w/ Dystopia, Tarantula Hawk at International Club Mummy
  • 9th Pete goes to a wedding in LA and we return home to San Francisco, heros to the scene!

    2001 Shows

  • Jan. 20th, Davis, CA. at the DAM house, with The Lowdown, Shitty Things, Le Bleu Crotch.

  • Jan. 21st, San Francisco, CA. at Rockin' Java, on Haight st. right next to Ameoba. Performing with Corpse Fucking Corpse (ex-Giving up the Ghost), and The Owls.

    Jan. 26th, 2001, Oakland, CA. at the 40th St. House with the return of Pink and Brown!!!!, The Lowdown, Applicators, and Boxleitner.

    Jan. 30th 2001, San Francisco, CA. at Kimo's one and only SF performance of Pink and Brown, Extreme Elvis

    Feb 11, 2001 ROCKLAND 2 (Lover's rock) at Heco's Palace

    6:00 Monopause
    6:30 Spezza Rotto
    7:00 Steve Kirk Pop Trio
    7:30 Double U
    8:00 Deep Throats
    8:30 Lemon Limelights
    9:00 Total Shutdown
    9:30 Monopause

    Feb. 25th, San Francisco, CA. Mission Records, with Erase Errata, Condor, and Ceasura. 3pm EARLY SHOW!!!, $5. Mission Records, 2263 Mission St. between 18th & 19th, S.F.

    Photo by Mike Shoun, taken at Mission Records 2001

  • March 18th, San Francisco, CA. Kimo's w/ Akimbo (WA), 400 Blows (LA), and Wrench (Japan), EARLY!!! 6pm $5.

  • March 25th, Sunday, SF,CA. Rockin Java (next to Ameoba SF), w/ Deerhoof, The Lowdown (santa cruz), and1000AD (members of Black Man White Man Dead Man, The Hard Knights, Thin the Herd folk), All ages, 7pm. This show will start promptly at 7pm, be there early!

  • March 26th, Monday, Santa Cruz CA. CANCELLED!!!

  • March 29th, Thursday, Santa Cruz CA. Fosters Freeze house, with 1000AD (oly, see above), the Lowdown, and Lords of Lightspeed (ex Behead the Profit NLSL, Mikilteo Fairies)

  • April 17th, chat , at 6pm (9pm eastcoast). This chat was a special split chat with the folks in Boxleitner in celebration of our split 7" of which we have now sold 7 copies.

  • April 21st, Sunday, Oakland CA. Club Hot, w/ xBxRx (mobile, AL), The sissies (bloomington, AL), Space Ballerina (olympia), Burmese. all ages, 4pm EARLY SHOW!!!

  • May 9th Wednesday,Total Shutdown, Xiu Xiu, The Curtains, eE and Enda. We will be playing first and are going to only play for 10 min (one extended song) that will be it starting exactly at 8pm. It should bevery fun, and George Chen will be our featured player on Violin (power violince?). In support of Asian American artists, Locus 1640 Post.

  • May 24th, SF, A Benefit Show, with Artimus Pyle, Mutilated Mannequins, Floating Corpses, and possibly Hammers of Misfortune and Tina Age 13, at the Eagle 398 12th St. (at Harrison). Starts at 8:.00pm.

  • May 26th, Saturday night we play live on KALX 90.7 FM (7:30 - 10pm-ish) Please tune in, we will be playing all new material that we wrote last year.

  • May 29th, Tuesday, Black Dice, Avy Tare and Panda Bear (NYC), and Erase Errata. at Club Galia 2565 Mission St @ 22nd. it even has a waterfall in the club. It's a theatre type place with 300 room capacity and a full bar. So it will be 21 and over, we will be working the door.

  • June 23rd, Saturday, Davis, CA. with Lightning Bolt, Pink and Brown and Hella. This will be at the DAM house and starts around 7pm. email for directions.

  • July 8th, Sunday, SF, Kimo's with Black Man White Man Dead Man (thin the herd!!!), Optimus International (the triuphant return! Features members of Spezza Rotto, and Dig that Body up... It's Alive!), and Sweaty Vibrant (from Sacto, features the drummer from the Yahmos).

  • July 9th, Monday, Oakland, Stork Club with Black Man White Man Dead Man, Burmese, and The Owls (features members of Deerhoof).

  • July, 26th, Thursday, Flying Luttenbachers, Lowdown, Techno Warewolf, at Heco's Paradise.

  • July 28th, Saturday, SF, Cafe Du Nord, with Deerhoof, Blectum from Blectum, The Owls, Velvet Teen, Papercuts and Xiu Xiu. Benefit for Mines Advisory Group. (300,000 tons of bombs were dropped in northeastern Laos alone during the Vietnam War. The Mines Advisory Group works with people in rural communities training them in mine clearance. MAG needs funds to set up a Community Mine Awareness Program in Laos.) Http://

  • Our west coast / mid-west tour from Aug. 31st to Sept 9th:

  • August 31st Los Angeles, playing Live on KXLU radio 88.9FM Live at Five (5pm).
  • August 31st Los Angeles at the Smell. w/ Herr K, Radio Vago, This Machine Kills, Roto Phone (cancelled), a performance by the Radical Cheerleaders, and screenings of experimental films. This will be a benefit show for a battered women's shelter in Canyon Country.
  • Sept. 1st in San Diego at Scolaries with Corrugated and The Day After
  • Sept. 2nd in Tucson, Arizona at Scrappy's w/ Light as Chains, Able am I, and Dead Alive
  • Sept. 3rd in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Launchpad w/ Dead on Point Five
  • Sept. 4th in Denver, Colorado w/ Awesome Reality Check (members of Friends Forever), Rainbow Sugar and TBA at the warehouse
  • Sept. 5th in Colorado, Denver at the Lions Lair w/ Otion and Cock Rocket
  • Sept. 6th in Colorado -- Fort Collins at the Back Alley with Nut Socket (ska punk music whew!)
  • Sept. 9th Sunday, San Francisco, CW Saloon w/ Hella and Thee Poison Pen

  • Sept. 28th, Friday at Gilman St. in Berkeley.

    Erase Errata
    Total Shutdown
    The Intima (zum records, Oregon)
    Ibobuki (WA)

    Saturday October 20th, Popofest v.1 with :

  • Assbaboons from Venus
  • Lo Fi Nissans
  • Total Shutdown
  • The Teeth (members of Deerhoof)
  • Migth (Los Angeles)
  • Masmelo

    (8pm STARTS EARLY!!!), $5. at Kimo's San Francisco. Click here for more details surrounding this show.

    Saturday November 17th 2001.

  • Total Shutdown
  • The Lowdown (tour home coming show)
  • Numbers
  • Dig That Body Up... It's Alive!

    At Action Land, 1947 Mission St. near 16th st. (next to Pubis Noir). Starts at 8pm, $5 donation, and wear a costume, this is a COSTUME PARTY!!! Order of bands not yet decided.

    dec 10 monday
  • Total Shutdown
  • Wolf Eyes
  • Fast Forward (cancelled)
  • Grand Buffet (MA)
    at Kimo's, S.F. 21+ *

    All the shows we played in the year 2000.

    1st Show -Feburary 14th, 2000 - Valentines Day Massacre, at San Francisco State. With Volume 11, Yaphet Koto, Mile Marker. Bob had practiced with us only twice, we played 4 songs to a small crowd, later, Mile Marker talks about smoking weed and writing term papers.

    March 18th 2000, Clit Stop SF, Sounds of the Barbary Coast, and The Church Steps. The first time Nate sang, and the crowd really enjoyed us.

    March 22nd 2000, Kimo's SF with Boxleitner, Rumah Sakit, Replicator, Fort Erie, District 17. (Our first show with Boxlietner, a love affair would ensue).

    April 15th 2000, Kimo's SF with Slave Units, Moss, Cruel and Unusual, Ignorance Park, one band couldn't play cause a member broke parole by going on tour and was put in jail, Moss man was sad we didn't start earlier and didn't press record on our recorder. crap crap crap.

    San Jose at Radio Free Records, with the Papercuts, and District 17. Nobody showed up but Nates roommate (who just happened to be in San Jose that day) and Nate's Dad.

    May 17th 2000, Cocodrie SF, with Black Dice, Erase Eratta, Boxleitner, and Burmese. Best show line up ever. Nate's favorite show we've played

    May 21st 2000, Action Land aka Radical Space in SF, with Boxleitner and The Hot Fucking Jets. The mic exploded in Bobs hand.

    May 28th 2000 Rockin Java on Haight st. SF. with Boxleitner, Giving up the Ghost, 60ft. Time, Benefit for Ashley Lowe.

    June 1st 2000, Everyone but Bob colaborates with Boxleitner on a Sun Ra song at Edinburg Castle (that night we were known as Toboxal, aka Toboxal Shutleitnerdown), with Yumebitsu and The Stratford 4. People in the audience seemed confused and had little intrest.

    June 12th 2000 Kimo's with The Lightning Bolt and California Lightning.

    June 13th 2000 Channel One, with The Locust, The Lightning Bolt, Arab on Radar. We play our worst show in history, everything seemed to go wrong, later someone said that we were amazing, and that they'd never seen anything like it.

    June 26th 2000, Kimos SF, Rocket Science and the Nigger Loving Faggots, Boxleitner. July 3rd 2000, ClitStop/DeleveryRoom with Boxleitner, Zeek Sheck, Sounds of the Barbary Coast, Numbers and The Fugue. We perform with a recording of Pete's drums, because he was out of town, disaster ensues.

    July 30th 2000, Rockland in Oakland with Deerhoof, Spezza Rotto, Saint Andre and Boxleitners last show (kind of a lie, but they enjoyed the attention)

    August 10th 2000, Stork Club in Oakland with Sounds of the Barbary Coast. Jamie and Cory from Saint Andre and John Shiruba from Spezza Rotto were there, and not one person else.

    Sept. 27th 2000 Kimo's SF. with Spezza Rotto and Compomicro-dexall.

    October 4th Covered Wagon Saloon SF with Burmese and Bottledog

    Note: we never ended up playing the show listed with Hot Fucking Jet's and Caesura (check out how I spelled Caesura!)

    October 12th 2000 Seattle WA, at the Sit and Spin, with Love as Laughter, and Stagger Lee.

    October 13th 2000 Redmond WA. at the Old Firehouse with Blood Brothers, Akimbo, Teen Chatulu. We signed an autograph

    October 14th 2000, Olympia WA, at the Arrow Space with Hard Knights and Space Balarina.

    December 15th 2000, Sacromento with Corpse Fucking Corpse.