Info / History


Photo by Virgil Porter, taken at Kimo's Dec 2001

Total Shutdown had there first performance on February 14th 2000 (Valentines Day).

We currently consist of:

  • Nate Denver - Bass guitar and Vocals.
  • Paul Costuros - Guitar, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Keyboards, and Vocals.
  • Bob Linder - Vocals, Trumpet, French Horn, Keyboards, Duck Call, and Harmonica.
  • Pete Nguyen - Drums, vocals, and percussion.
  • Matthew Hartman - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, vocals and Reedpipe.

  • We all live in San Francisco.

    Side Projects and Past Projects

    Nate Denver has three side projects. One is Sobretooth, a XstraitedgeX two piece (drums and bass) deathcore with George from Boxleitner, in this band Nate sings and plays bass guitar. Dig that Body up... It's Alive, is a Death metal band that Nate sings for. It features John Dwyer from Pink and Brown and Oran from Optimist International. Nate also has a solo project in which he plays experimental folk music. He has a full length coming out on King Crab Records in November. Nate also is a Dj, who has perfomed with the likes of The Suger Hill Gang and Jay-Z. He currently is a featured artist at the Intervention Dj night.

    Paul Costuros played bass in The Fisticuffs Bluff which has a full length album on Troubleman Unlimited. Paul also played clarinet in the short lived improv group The CMT, which featured Jason McGill on Alto Saxophone, and Marshall Trammell on Drum. They only played two commerical performances but played many many times on the streets of SF. Paul sometimes does performance art in the Bay Area. He currently is involed in a side project called Murder Murder.

    Bob Linder is an active performance and video artist who has shown work and performed all over the bay area, NY, LA and Europe. Total Shutdown was his first musical project. He currently is involed in a side project called Murder Murder. Bob currently attends Stanford University and is in the Arts program.

    Pete Nguyen has been playing music for a very long time. Hailing from Colorado he started off in the School Jazz band. One year he won "Best Drum Solo" in a Jazz Festival. He played drums in Blatent Ripoff, a band with Joshua from Friends Forever. Pete was also in a Hip Hop Dance crew. Earlier this year he had a brief stint in a band called NAM, and currently Pete also plays in an indie-rock band called eE.

    Matt Hartman used to play guitar and drums in the band Henry's Dress. He currently has many side project including the skronk improv group Jazs Murder, and Murder Murder, and The How (a The Who inspired band).

    You can contact us at or at 740 Monterey Blvd. #102, San Francisco, CA. 94127.