1) We are playing a show with FLIPPER! In SF at the Elbo Room on Saturday June 10th, 9pm. Opening will be So so Many White White Tigers. Get tickets!

2) New Live Album out now on Ecstatic Yod and available at your local record store (ask!) or online at Yod.com

3) We are playing at the End Times II Festival in St. Paul MN. Also playing are Bordoms, Borbetomagus, Flying Luttenbachers, Burning Star Core, Death Sentence: PAnda!, Murder Murder, Nate Denver's Neck, Magic MArkers, Oxbow, xbxrx, Smegma, d.yellow Swans, and a ton more. June 23rd, 24th, 25th! All details and tickets here: End Times II Festival

4) Bob is moving to NYC.

5) We have new recordings that hopfully will be put out some day! 6) We sold out and have a lame myspace page hosted by foxnews owner rupurt murdoch who is a nazi racist devil baby killer. Join the fun at http://myspace.com/totalshutdown


Monday November 7th 2005 9pm

YIKES (John Dwyer's new)
NO BOSS (Bauer)

Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco, CA $6, Arrive on time, possible sell out!!!


Monday June 27th 2005

Load Records proudly presents:

TOTAL SHUTDOWN (release of our new Live album on Ecstatic Yod will be available!!!)
COUGHS (chicago)
WHITE MICE (providence)
OCTIS (608C)

12 GALAXIES (on mission street between 22nd and 21st)
9PM $7


TOTAL SHUTDOWN / XBXRX Split 2x5" released on ROCK IS HELL RECORDS from Austria/Europe. the TOTAL SHUTDOWN 5" is pressed on blue wax, the XBXRX 5" is pressed on red wax. the pressing is limited to 612 copies. the 6"x30" stencil printed 3-times fold-out cover has been made by DENNIS TYFUS from belgium.

Total Shutdown Live album on Ecstatic Yod will be out in late June (most likely).


Thank you all for the Hemlock show, we had an unbelievable time and it was quite a welcoming for our first SF show in such a long time. Check out photos of the performance by Mike Costuros.

Upcoming shows

April 2nd 2005
Lobot Gallery, Oakland with:
Kid606, Gold Chains, Eats Tapes and Electrocute
$8, All Ages, show time.

April 9th, 2005 Elbo Room, San Francisco with:
Numbers, No Doctors, Coolies (New Zealand!), Vice Cooler & Miya
$? show time.

all of the above photos by Mike Costuros.


February 11th 2005

Total Shutdown
Feather Gong

Perform a live performance, performing at the Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, California, United States, 10pm.


YES! we are still a band, we still exist and we have not broken up, not even for 20 seconds!!! Here is a quick update on the slowest moving band in showbiz.

  • Nate Denver has moved to LA! Keep an eye out for him, he's the guy riding his bike eating cookies.

  • The live album is coming out still on Ecstatic Peace/Ecstatic Yod Records, Thurston Moore and Byron Coley's label/joint label. It will be a limited run of 500, and we are currently working on the covers which are all hand done, and take a long time to make because the process destroys our brain cells. My guess is early 2005.

  • We just recorded some new studio tracks with Eli Crews at his New, Improved Recording studio in Oakland. All new material. They turned out mega. They are epic in length and geniusly crafted. Not sure who or when where or why they will be released, but be on the lookout for a new EP soon.

  • The split with xbxrx is still happening, blame us and only us for the delay.

  • We are planning to play a show in the San Francisco in early February at the new Hemlock Tavern, we have are fingers crossed that nothing will f it up. We our cursed in this department.

  • check out Special Lord Records



    NEW LINE UP...
    July 14th 2004

  • Murder Murder
  • Big Techno Werewolves
  • Warbler
  • Tits

    At the Elbo Room in SF, $6 21+ 9:30pm

    July 10th 2004

  • Buckethead
  • Total Shutdown

    At the Knitting Factory in LA. $13 in the big room. ???

    July 14th 2004

  • Total Shutdown
  • Big Techno Werewolves
  • Tits

    At the Elbo Room in SF, $6 21+ 9:30pm

    Our live album on Ecstatic Peace/Yod should be out this summer!

    20 second comp on toyo records has been delayed.

    We still have copies of the Burn My Eye! DVD, "The Album" on CD and LP, Size Med. and Large t-shirts, and some other comps and stuff that you can find on the 'merch' page of our website.

    Other projects:

    Pete Nguyen has just finished a west coast tour with his other project called eE, and Pete the Genius broke up with himself and is now involved in a new project called Saint Peter and Paul.

    Bob Linder is teaching at the SF Art Institute and painting gold leaf on stuff in the south bay, he also has a new dog named Chikka.

    Paul Costuros had be playing in other projects such as Zeek Sheck, Murder Murder, XBXRX, and Death Sentence: PANDA! all of which have releases available. He has also started a CDR label called Special Lord Records.

    Nate Denver has just finished a European tour with Nate Denver's Neck. He has a new CD full length called "No One is Coming To Help You" that is available through himself where you can also get his first CD. ndenver@hotmail.com

    Special Lord Records
    Murder Murder
    Nate Denver's Neck
    Zeek Sheck


    The Toyo Records 20 Second compilation is coming out this month! 2 or 3 CD's filled to the brim with all your favorite bands playing 20 second songs!

    I am pleased to invite you all to our studio-warming party this Saturday, Dec 6th.

    It's an early party, starting at 6:30. Bands should start around 7 or so, and go until 10 or so, or until they get tired of playing. Although I imagine if you show up later than that we just may still be there.

    Musical acts (in order of appearance):
    Total Shutdown
    Some conglomeration of John Finkbeiner and a few other fantastic musicians playing various forms of music centered around our pride and joy, the Lowery organ.

    It all happens at:
    New, Improved Recording
    960 Arlington St, Oakland
    Free admission. Limited free beer and snacks, althouh if you come late you'd better BYOB.

    Directions can be found here:
    http://www.newimprovedrecording.com/Directions.html More information can be found on the other pages at
    although I'm really not finished with it yet. Look at it in about 2 weeks, it'll be much better then.

    Hope to see you there,

    Eli and John


    October 11th Saturday
    Club Verdi
    2424 Mariposa (between Potero Ave. and Bryant) San Francisco


    Lightning Bolt
    Total Shutdown
    Noxagt (Norway)
    USA is a Monster
    Japanese Kareoke Afterlife Experiment

    w/ DJ Megaweapon, DJ ABBY and DJ Le Kim

    $7 ALL AGES! 9PM

    Our new record, Total Shutdown - The Album, will be out Oct 20th, Tigerbeat6 is releasing the CD and Load Records is releasing the Vinyl.

    We are on the new Burn My Eye DVD release along with our friends The Lowdown, The Locust, The Coachwhips, The Extreme Elvis, Deerfhoof and Numbers.

    We have two songs from our upcoming album available on three different compilations. Two have been released by Tigerbeat6, the first one is called Open up and say ...@>%_|^[!] meow075, and the other is called Tigerbeat6 Paws Across the World 2003 meow094. The third compilation is is a double CD called Frisco Styles and is all bands from the bay area put together by local artist and musician Chris Johanson. All of these are fantastic comps and all can be purchased from Midheaven Mailorder, just do a search for "Total Shutdown" or "frisco styles".


    Total Shutdown would like to announce that we are planning our next album release in October 2003. The CD will be on Tigerbeat6 Records and the Vinyl will be on Load Records. We are so much happy about this. Right after this release we plan to have available our split 7" with XBXRX, a live album for Ecstatic Peace, a split 7" with Friends Forever, tours, and a newly designed button.

    Our next show is tentitively the Tigerbeat6 showcase at Bottom of the Hill on Aug. 30th 2003.
    Our old contact email address (costuros@yahoo.com) has been out of commission since early June 2003. Our new contact address is charlieshavers@yahoo.com. Sorry if we have not responded to you because of this.


    Updates were made on the tour dates below!

  • 19th, LA at the Smell 'experimental punk' music showcase showdown. w/ John Wiese (bastard noise, sissy spacek) and Koh, Canaries Kept Quiet Kill, Rose For Bohdan, Books on Tape, The New Collapse, Child Pornography, . This show will be with Total Shutdown.More Info.
  • 20th, Tucson AZ, either at feminist collective or church type place, please ask around. Nate Denver's Neck (NDN) and Pete the Genius (PTG)
  • 21st, Austin TX, maybe at house, maybe at Emo's - NDN, PTG.
  • 22nd, New Orleans, at Dixie - NDN, PTG, w/ Kojak, The Black Sun, and Rat in a Bucket. 3340 Canal St.
  • 23rd, Springwater in Nashville TN - NDN, PTG.
  • 24th, either Columbus Ohio, TBA - NDN, PTG.
  • 25th, Pittsbergh PA, TBA
    From here on out, all dates are with Total Shutdown
  • 26th, Brooklyn, the mckibbin artdorms Rooftop w/ Sightings, Jesus With Me, Total Shutdown, Tunnel Of Love, Barnacled, and Us Vs. Them. (montrose stop on the L). 248 mckibbin st. l to montrose, take the left staircase up, at the top of the stairs do a 180 and walk (slightly downhill) on bushwick ave about 4 blocks to mckibbin, then take a left. it's the big warehouse on the right. enter thru the last set of doors and get ready to climb.
  • 27th, Mass. at Hampshire College Tavern 893 West St. w/ Thurston Moore trio and Barnacled
  • 28th, Providence RI, at The Candle Factory w/ Barnacled, Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment, Parts and Labor (brooklyn), and Knifestorm (NY).
  • 29th, Above the Right Bank Bar in Brooklyn w/ Japanther and Tall Boys
  • 30th, New Haven, Conn, 8pm at house show with !!! and maybe Friends Forever
  • 31st, Total Shutdown takes a day off and Pete's other band eE plays a CMJ showcase. We are hoping that Murder Murder (Paul and Bob project) at the Acid Cabaret at PIANOS (The old Piano Factory) 158 Ludlow at Stanton (Lower East Side, Manhattan) and Nate Denver's Neck will have shows this night too, TBA

  • 1st, Allentown, PA at the Pirate's Cove w/ Torchbearer, Misfits cover band, Iron Maiden cover band and Propaghandi cover band (?) and hopefully Friends Forever.
  • 2nd, Detroit Art Space (101 E. Baltimore) with Mammel and 25 Suaves
  • 3rd, Chicago, at Fireside Bowl, all ages w/ TODAY IS THE DAY, BONGZILLA, ALL THAT REMAINS.
  • 4th st-paul mn at Big V's, w/ black stool and Ashcroft.
  • 5th Lincoln NE, at house , 1545 S. 13th Street. coner of 13th and Garfield.
  • 6th, Denver CO at Monkey Mania
  • 7th, Salt Lake City UT, at Monks House of Jazz (whew!) 19 East 200 South, w/ Smashy Smashy.
  • 8th, Portland, OR w/ Dystopia, Tarantula Hawk and Johnny X and the Groadies at school
  • 9th Pete goes to a wedding in LA and we return home to San Francisco, heros to the scene! Total Shutdown has been awarded a SF By Guardian 2002 'GOLDIE' award for music. More info soon.

    Check out this Cartoon that is animated to go along with the TS song "One". It was created by e*rock from Collective Jyrk -->Click Here<--

    Our next show is on Oct 15th with Thrones, Nigel Peppercock at Cherries, which is the old CW Saloon.

    We are going on a US tour this Oct/Nov!!! The first portion of the tour are not with Total Shutdown but with Pete the Genius (Paul and Pete from TS) and Nate Denver's Neck (Nate Denver's of TS). Here are the dates so far:


    Total Shutdown are playing this Thursday August 8th at 8pm at Kimo's.

    Total Shutdown
    Friends Forever (CO)
    Canaries Kept Quiet Kill
    Nervous and the Kid (PDX)

    Friends Forever two guys who are the amazing and come from Denver Colorado. They drive around in a VW Bus and pull up to the front of the club and when it is time for them to perform they slide open the van door, which is filled with a drum set, smoke machine, light show, and all sorts of electronics. They then proceed to play an onslaught of 'PCP ROCK' in which they go beserker and have included with the smoke and lights, jumping in and out of van windows like dolphins and on the roof are pyro-technics, fireworks, fake blood streaming out the side of the windows, total armegeddon stuff. This is the first time they have been in SF in years and it is their only bay area show. Oh yeah, and there is a feature length documentary made about them about a year ago that is the mega.

    This show starts early at 8pm and should be over in time for everyone to run over and see Caroliner down the street. All 4 bands play about 15 min.

    We have a new mailing list, to subscribe email here: totalshittown-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
    or go to the homepage: Total Shutdown Mailing List home


    Total Shutdown will appear in the upcoming episode of San Francisco Cable Access show BURN MY EYE (cable channel 29). It includes live footage of our show at Bottom of the Hill and some other footage of us acting like jerks. It airs this (7/3) Wed at Midnight. Also appearing in this episode will be the Lo-Fi Neisans. See below for SF debut viewing party...

    To purchase a copy email info@burnmyeye.com Also, we will have copies too.


    Also.... Come to Kimo's this next Wednesday night (7/3/02) and watch Burn My Eye! #3 Lo-Fi Neisans / Total Shutdown air on cable 29 at midnight!!!! Free admission (downstairs), budweiser in BOTTLES, no monkeys allowed! I have fashioned a blow-up doll in the image of Weasel Walter and we will all take turns making out with it in the bathroom afterwards.

    http://www.rawk.org - photos
    http://www.burnmyeye.com - television

    Check out this upcoming show!!!

    July 7th
    Pete the Genius, Growing, Panama at Kimo's 9pm, $5.

    Growing is 1000AD and Black Man White Man Dead Man combined! Features Joe Denardo of Thin the Herd Records fame. Panama has members of MeMe America and The Need. Both bands are from Olympia.


    The new 5RC compilation "If the twenty-first century didn't exist it would be necessary to invent it" is out this month, we just recieved our copies and it's mega awesome. Buy it here.

    Pink and Brown, Wolf Eyes, Young People, Orthrelm, Quintron, Lightning Bolt, Sharon Cheslow, Deerhoof, Vaz, and many others!


    Our 7" EP with Life is Abuse just came in so it is now available for mailorder, and it will be available soon in local record stores! Local SF shops (Aquarius, Open Mind Music and Ameoba) have some in stock, as well as George Chen's Nomadic Spockmorgue Distro. To purchase, choose one of the following:

    Mail Order
    Credit Card

    REFLECTIONS is nearly out of print, so get one now while you still can!


    Total Shutdown's long in the making One sided 12" vinyl record album EP is now available!!!Click here for info.

  • Our 7" with Life is Abuse Records out in late April
  • a split 7" with XBXRX,
  • a song on the upcoming 5RC compilation in June,
  • a limited edition 7 inch with German label Adagio830
  • Toyo Records 20 Second Comp (Summer?).
  • Probably no shows till May. Pete's other band eE will being touring the US in April, please go check them out.
  • We are also set to record in the studio once again!


    New photo's of our most recent show by David Gregory added to media section.


    Check out a recent live review written by Mike McGuirk in this weeks SF Bay Guardian.


    LA show was much fun, many people were asking for the TS/Boxleiter Split, which we no longer have copies of. for a list, click here!.


    We were featured as Band of the Month at Double Dare Press. Check out our interview there.
  • Send SASE for free button while supplies last. Send to: Total Shutdown Hell Neck Button Offer, 740 Monterey Blvd. #102, San Francisco, CA. 94127.

  • e-mail us if you want to be added to our mailing list (for news/upcoming shows) or have any questions at costuros@yahoo.com